theNEC Difference

National Enzyme Company specializes in product formulation and patented, branded ingredients. We create exclusive and unique enzyme blends designed to stand out in the marketplace.

Our products are the most trusted and proven, resulting in a high rate of repeat sales. With the addition of NEC marketing and technical support, your products are positioned to succeed.


NEC can formulate products and ingredients that compliment your company’s needs. Formulations supported by:

• Technical Data Sheets
• Product Rationales
• Certificates of Analysis
• Full Marketing Support


Formulate, Produce, Package and Label your products at one place!

• Competitive Pricing
• Extensive Regulatory Review
• Experienced In House Graphics Team

NEC can custom formulate your product in a highly palatable chewable or non-chewable tablet form.

• Variety of great flavors
• Improve flavor of existing products
• Bulk Tablets or Convenience Packs

Convenience Packaging

Getting nutrition shouldn’t be an inconvenience. NEC offers a grab and go option for your “on the go” customers in one convenient package.

• Multi-Vitamin Packs             • Sports Endurance Packs
• Immunity Packs                   • Cognitive & Energy Packs
• Much More

Quality & Safety

We work closely with our suppliers, vendors, distribution networks and government agencies to maximize the quality, safety and integrity of our products.

• NSF Certified for Sport®     • NSF Certified
• TGA Certified                        • Star K Certified



what's new atNEC

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