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BioCore® provides targeted solutions to a variety of digestive problems. From digestive discomforts to different dietary regimens, along with basic digestive support to the delivery of specific nutrients; BioCore® products and blends offer some of the most innovative enzyme blends on the market.

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Blend Products

BioCore® AR>

BioCore® AR

A pleasant tasting chewable tablet that combines the digestive power of enzymes with acid-neutralizing calcium carbonate. This patented product provides broad spectrum digestive support especially for those who suffer from occasional digestive discomfort.

BioCore Lipo®>

BioCore Lipo®

A unique blend of lipases designed to break down dietary fats and support the enhanced availability of essential fatty acids supporting the digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems as well as healthy metabolism and cognition.

BioCore DPP-IV®>

BioCore DPP-IV®

A proprietary blend with standardized DPP-IV activity to help break down digestion resistant proteins. BioCore DPP-IV® may be especially beneficial for adults and children with gluten, casein and other protein intolerances.

BioCore Dairy Ultra®>

BioCore Dairy Ultra®

Dairy intolerance isn’t always just lactose intolerance. It may result from digestive problems with proteins and fats as well. BioCore Dairy Ultra® provides a complete dairy enzyme solution and is suitable for both adults and children.

BioCore Dairy®>

BioCore Dairy®

Dairy intolerance may result from hard-to-digest proteins or undigested lactose. This blend provides enzymes to break down both and allows users to enjoy the nutritional benefits of dairy foods.

BioCore Pro®>

BioCore Pro®

Designed with a broad variety of proteolytic enzymes and formulated to support digestion of high protein diets. Proteins are complex and some can be difficult to digest. BioCore Pro® helps break down these proteins and supports optimal digestion.

BioCore® Edge>

BioCore® Edge

Designed with selected proteases to optimize the delivery of amino acids from protein. In vitro studies suggest BioCore® EDGE increases the release of BCAAs including leucine. The product is especially well suited for use in powdered protein products intended for healthy muscle support.

BioCore® Fruggie FVE>

BioCore® Fruggie FVE

BioCore® Fruggie FVE is a soy- and gluten-free nutrient premix blend formulated with superfruits, vegetables, greens, botanicals and enzymes to be used as a greens food supplement base.

BioCore® Optimum>

BioCore® Optimum

A broad spectrum general digestive blend designed to jump start digestion in the upper stomach. BioCore® Optimum works synergistically with the body’s enzymes to ensure nutrient availability. This blend may be used “as is” or as the foundation for a targeted digestive product.

BioCore® Optimum Complete>

BioCore® Optimum Complete

Combines galactosidase enzymes (lactase and alpha-galactosidase) with the foundational benefits of BioCore® Optimum to help support individuals with certain digestive issues. This complete enzyme blend may be used “as is” or may be built upon for a more targeted approach.

Finished Products

BioCore AminoTap®

BioCore AminoTap®

BioCore AminoTap® is a unique combination of ingredients with specifically selected proteolytic enzymes for the ability to hydrolyze proteins commonly used in muscle building protein products.

BioCore AminoMate™

BioCore AminoMate™

Developed exclusively for Australia, BioCore AminoMate™ is a unique combination of ingredients with specifically selected proteolytic enzymes for the ability to hydrolyze proteins commonly used in muscle building protein products.

BioCore® FS-10 Billion

BioCore® FS-10 Billion

Biocore® FS-10 Billion may support a healthy immune function and replenish microflora balance by providing the intestinal tract with a full spectrum, 10 billion CFU probiotic and comprehensive blend of enzymes and a prebiotic.

BioCore® Fruggie

BioCore® Fruggie

BioCore® Fruggie is a superfruit and greens drink powder with a natural mixed-berry taste packed with more than 1/3 of the industry-identified superfruits, an additional 20 nutrient-dense ingredients and 10 digestive enzymes to increase bioavailability of ingredients.

BioCore® Fruggie with Protein

BioCore® Fruggie with Protein

BioCore® Fruggie with Protein is a delicious way to add superfruits and greens to your diet with the added benefit of 8 grams of whey protein per serving.

BioCore® FS-5 Billion

BioCore® FS-5 Billion

Biocore® FS-5 Billion is a 10 strain, multi-probiotic product formulated with Biocore® Optimum Complete to enhance intestinal flora and digestion.*

BioCore® Kids

BioCore® Kids

Berry-flavored chewable enzyme supplement designed to help ensure that children get the most nutritional benefit from their diets. It’s also a great product for adults who may have problems swallowing capsules.

BioCore® Tolerance

BioCore® Tolerance

BioCore® Tolerance is dually formulated with Tolerase® G and xylanase to promote optimal gluten and wheat digestion. Tolerase® G is a clinically studied ingredient shown to digest gluten before it reaches the small intestine to ease occasional digestive discomfort with gluten consumption.