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Foundation Blends

Looking for something to set your product apart from the competition? These proprietary blends are designed to address specific dietary or systemic concerns and are the product of NEC’s technical expertise.

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Blend Products

Carb Converter>

Carb Converter

Exclusive blend of enzymes designed to support healthy starch metabolism. The cornerstone of the formulation is the enzyme transglucosidase which reduces the availability of both glucose and calories from dietary starches.



Designed with specialized enzymes to synergistically disrupt the fibrous nature of plant cell walls and release minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables and herbs. May be beneficially combined with digestive products or herb-based supplements.

Immune Refresher>

Immune Refresher

This proprietary blend is formulated with antioxidant and immune-supporting enzymes to naturally bolster the body’s immune defense, beginning in the mouth and working through the digestive tract and the entire body.



When formulating Isolase® at recommended dosage levels it may support the release of isoflavones from soy and other sources.



Proprietary blend of proteases enzymes matching the in vitro fibrinolytic activity of nattokinase. Nattozimes® helps maintain healthy protein metabolism within the digestive tract. Systemic applications include cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and immune health support.

Probiotic Primer>

Probiotic Primer

Probiotic Primer, a proprietary blend of transglucosidase, lactoferrin, glutathione and the prebiotic fiber inulin, is designed to “prime” the intestinal environment to favor probiotic microorganisms.



Exclusive proteolytic enzyme system designed as an enzymatic alternative to serrapeptidase. Serrazimes® may be used for protein digestion or as a systemic protease to support immune, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal health.