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BioCore® Kids

BioCore® Kids

Berry-flavored chewable enzyme supplement designed to help ensure that children get the most nutritional benefit from their diets. It’s also a great product for adults who may have problems swallowing capsules.

  • Great-tasting chewable tablet makes it easy for kids to take*
  • Supports proteins, fats and starch digestion*
  • Includes lactase for more complete digestion of dairy foods*
  • Helps increase bioaccessibility of dietary nutrients*

A growing number of children are faced with health issues as a result of the low quality nutrition associated with fast food dining and unsupervised snacking. We all love our children and want the best for them. Exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to a healthy childhood. Yet, the hectic modern lifestyle and our on-the-run eating habits are contributing to a startling decline in the nutritional quality of our children’s diets.

Add to this the picky eating of many children, and parents have reason to be concerned that their children are not getting adequate nutrition. One way to ensure your children are getting the best nutritional value is to provide supplemental vitamins and digestive enzymes. BioCore Kids, taken with meals, helps support healthy digestion. The digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates provides the raw materials and energy needed by healthy growing bodies. The supplemental enzymes of BioCore Kids help ensure maximum bioavailability of these vital nutrients.

For more information about BioCore Kids, please refer to the Supplement Facts box.

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FAQ Document