Healthy Mind Adolescent

Healthy Mind Adolescent

Combines cognitive supporting ingredients with digestive enzymes to support the nutritional needs of an active, growing mind.

  • Supports brain development*
  • Formulated with memory supportive herbals*
  • Provides a unique formulation to help support cognitive skills*

Many of us are pulled in multiple directions and our children are no exception. Teenagers, in particular, must balance schoolwork, sports and multiple extracurricular activities. This results in both physical and mental stress that can result in poor digestion, depressed immunity and difficulty in focusing.

Healthy Mind Adolescent is designed to provide support for the busy adolescent. The base of this unique formula is a full spectrum digestive enzyme blend. This blend provides digestive support to help compensate for poor eating habits that can result in less than optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. In addition, Healthy Mind Adolescent contains a unique blend of ingredients combined to help provide support for the teenager who needs to remain alert and able to concentrate.

For more information about Healthy Mind Adolescent, please refer to the Supplement Facts box.

Formula B529

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