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A Premier Formulation Partner

A Premier Formulation Partner

Nutrients like omega-3s, fiber, and protein may provide wildly different benefits for the body, but what unites them is their straightforward nature. Each of these nutrients provides a very specific and very powerful benefit, widely known to consumers and supplement brands alike. Enzymes, though just as powerful and important for well-rounded nutrition, don’t benefit from such clarity.

“Our customers know that enzymes can be very beneficial as a nutritional supplement,” says Dr. Naeem Shaikh, vice president of research and innovation at National Enzyme Company. “But they may not have the full understanding about the intricacies of enzymes.” Enter NEC’s formulation team.

Not only can the team provide expertise on the specific benefits of different enzymes — from individual enzymes like lactase and amylase to proprietary blends — but they can also consult on a variety of other considerations that go into making an effective and differentiated supplement.

It all starts with the intended purpose of the product. NEC meets with customers to discuss the goals of the product as well as the current ingredients used, to ensure that the enzyme or blend included meets expectations and complements the rest of the formulation. Plus, the team can also recommend additional complementary ingredients to support the goals of the product. Regardless of the route taken, customers can rest assured knowing that each ingredient goes through rigorous testing to meet quality and regulatory requirements, and that they’re supported by intensive research.

But it doesn’t end with ingredients. NEC can also assist with designing the optimum delivery system (which can be complicated when including enzymes), packaging options, and even custom regulatory approved labels for bottled products. NEC can also take customers through the process of prototype batches, which is a special service offered by NEC. “A prototype batch would not be needed if a matrix is well known, because of NEC’s 85-plus years of experience formulating enzymes,” says Shaikh. “However, a prototype batch is needed when flavoring, or if new ingredients are involved in the formulation. This ensures the best products are delivered to our customers.”

Indeed, customer feedback has always been a cornerstone of NEC. In fact, founding father Dr. Howell, MD relied on feedback from the health practitioners who formed the company’s first consumer base as he built NEC from the ground up. Today, NEC customers encompassing multiple distribution channels, continue to trust NEC throughout product development and guide the principles that set it apart. Says one client, when compared to other enzyme suppliers, “NEC has strong quality control procedures in place, and they stand out in quality, testing, and equipment.”

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