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Nutrition Solutions from an Expert…You!

Nutrition Solutions from an Expert…You!

Have you ever wondered how folks survived pre-internet and social media? How did they find out about the latest products, news and trending research? How did they decide what was right for their health and wellness? Well, usually they listened to their doctor, friends, families and their own bodies. However, in today’s culture of self-empowerment and rising health care costs, people want more options—targeted solutions that are effective and represent value. Enter, personalized nutrition.

Coined “personalized nutrition,” this approach relies on data rather than perceived needs (what you think your body needs). But what kind of data is used? Most people don’t realize that their body compiles mountains of useful data daily—it’s just accessing it that can be challenging. Useful tools have entered the market, such as fitness trackers which log heart rate, sleep patterns and activity levels throughout the day. But the real game-changer is finding out what’s happening inside your body.

A new product model focuses on reading the data inside your body instead of just examining its external cues. New companies are offering in-depth blood screenings to determine how well your body is running and then they use the data to offer personalized solutions developed to help fine tune your body to run as efficiently as possible. In a recent report by brand hive, several companies have entered the market touting their unique approach to health and wellness1. Companies such as Inside Tracker (think fitness tracker, but internally focused) utilize a blood test to identify areas of concern and opportunity for improvement. After initial testing, they offer a personalized nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and supplementation regimen2. Another forward moving company, Habit, utilizes blood testing to identify areas of nutritional opportunity and then creates a custom nutritional plan which includes food and recipes delivered to your door3.

While these new nutritional frontiers offer promising options for consumers, they also represent growth opportunities for dietary supplement manufacturers and marketers. As consumers find out what their body may be missing, they will no doubt be on the hunt for a personalized approach to supplementation. Product offerings customized to unique customer needs will no longer be the goal for tomorrow, but instead the expectation for today. And how you offer your products to consumers will probably matter just as much, if not more, than what you are offering.

Brick and mortar (B&M) retailers selling supplements are currently still a mainstay, but they may not be able to meet the demand for customization in the future like an online retailer who can build a product specifically to meet the customer’s needs. According to a report by Tabs Analytics, online sales of dietary supplements soared by 20 percent in 2017 (mostly fueled by retailing giants forging an online presence), while traditional B&M retailers only saw three percent growth in the same time period.4 It’s clear that online retailers are paving the roads for future opportunities by potentially finding better and more efficient ways to give customers exactly what they want with minimal effort.

It’s a brave (and quite amazing) new world out there when it comes to finding your nutritional best practices. Gone are the days of nutritional trial and error (trying foods and supplements—hoping for results). Today, you can find out exactly how to optimize your health and wellness from an irrefutable expert source—you.



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