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Owners and pets who supplement together—stay healthier together

Owners and pets who supplement together—stay healthier together

People love their pets and what’s not to love? They provide unwavering companionship and often fill a void that is untouched by any other means. And while people like to joke about the crazy cat lady or the guy who takes his dog everywhere including on dates, a person’s commitment to the health and well-being of their pet is a serious affair. On average, Americans spend about $1,500 per year on pet expenses with vet care dominating the largest portion1. As humans contemplating our own health care needs, we’re taught an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—the same is true for pets. Think about it—you probably routinely feed your cat a high-quality food that addresses multiple needs, with one of those most likely being hairball prevention. This is a preventative measure to help your cat maintain a healthy digestive system (no one wants to hear their cat coughing up a hairball at 2 a.m.). Prevention, as a rule, helps save discomfort and money down the road.

In the U.S., about 68 percent of households own a pet, with cats edging out dogs slightly for the lead.1 Mintel’s Global New Products Database reported that 72 percent of U.S. consumers consider pets as part of the family and want the best for their dogs and cats. It comes as no surprise that well formulated supplements with functional ingredients, are very appealing to pet parents committed to optimizing the quality of their animals’ lives2.

And while we as humans find value in dietary supplements, pets are faced with multiple health issues that often mirror our own. For instance, pet weight management supplements, along with formulas designed to address the needs of senior pets are growing in popularity2. Sound familiar? These supplement products are also popular among humans—as we age our pets age and when we find ourselves overweight, our pets do too.

Additionally, organic, natural or premium pet supplement products are surging in popularity as America’s discretionary spending is on the uptick, and pet owners are willing to spend more if they believe the products offer superior health and wellness benefits3. Overall, the next five years are projected to experience an increase in pet supplement sales from $541 million in 2014 to exceed $697 million in 2019.

Most pet owners agree emphatically that their pet’s health is a top concern, along with their own health. Statistics show that people are most successful at healthful life choices when they have support from those around them4—so why can’t your support come from your furry best friend?  It stands to reason that owners and pets, who supplement together, have an increased chance of living longer and healthier lives together.







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