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Regular maintenance for circulatory health—adding it all up

Regular maintenance for circulatory health—adding it all upLast updated the 09th of February 2017

In a nutshell

For most people, understanding the complexities of the human body can be extremely challenging. For the most part, research and medical resources address the majority in the human population, but in reality, there are no two individuals who are alike. This is evident as each person has his or her own DNA sequence. Cue circulatory health—general recommendations call for increased physical activity, smoking cessation, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and only drinking in moderation. And while this is a general road map to a healthy circulatory system, each person is unique with factors such as family history and genetics playing a major part.

An analogy

Since everyone is different, a good analogy of the human body is that of a car. While all cars pretty much work similarly (getting us from point A to point B), they are all a little different in how they are made. But as a general rule, to ensure the long-term appearance and performance of any car, you keep it clean, change the oil, maintain proper fluid levels and keep it filled with quality fuel. The same principle applies to the human body. And like cars, regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping you healthy. In the body, regular maintenance can take many shapes and forms, such as the general recommendations listed above for circulatory health. But, can supplements help? Just like a fuel treatment can help prevent buildup in your car’s system, the right supplement can be part of a good maintenance plan for your cardiovascular system and help improve overall health.

Which supplements can play a part?

If you’ve ever searched the Internet for “supplements for circulatory health,” the volume of choices that appeared instantly, was probably dizzying. And while there are many worthy options available, finding one that helps keep your system clean is a great place to start. Nattozimes® and Serrazimes® from National Enzyme Company both work to support the body’s natural processes that break apart fibrin and remove other protein debris from the blood stream—basically working like a fuel treatment for the body. Protein debris can often result from poor dietary choices including high fat and sugar1, which can put stress on the body’s normal processes. Regular maintenance is key here, as healthy lifestyle choices combined with the right supplement choices, can go a long way in maintaining health.


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