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Watch out Baby Boomers… the Millennials are taking over

Watch out Baby Boomers… the Millennials are taking over

Watch out Baby Boomers, the Millennials are taking over! Millennials top the chart for being the largest generation ever, currently making up 25 percent of the U.S. population. This generation may not have the most money, but they do hold the title for having the most spending power both directly and indirectly. This trend will probably remain unchanged for a long time, making them a dynamic part of the market. Not only is this generation spending the money, they also utilize social media outlets as a vital source of communication. Since social media is broadcasting their lives on a daily basis, Millennials often make more of an effort to impress others, which can compel them to strive for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, 73 percent of Millennials exercise solely to enhance their appearance and 45 percent are taking some type of dietary supplement to help improve their overall health and wellbeing.

So what types of dietary supplements are Millennials using and what are the perceived benefits? Millennials are a relatively young generation, so taking supplements may have a different connotation, but often it’s simply because—they want to be proactive. It’s this open-minded approach that often sparks their curiosity and spurs dietary supplement interest on several levels. Some of them may want to gain more energy, while others just want to lose weight or enjoy better overall health.

A big difference between how Millennials take dietary supplements versus other generations, is all about form. Millennials actively avoid taking supplements in pill form because their perception is that taking pills daily is something the elderly or sick do. In fact, Millennials are much more likely to take their supplements in a functional food or gummy form with flavor top of mind—the more flavors available, the better!

Since there is such a vast array of dietary supplements competing for the Millennials attention, what will they do to choose the best one for them? Most likely, the Millennial approach will include an exhaustive search of the Internet and social media to see which brands stand out the most. If a brand has a high-profile social media presence with good reviews, then it’s very likely it will be chosen. However, this doesn’t mean that private labels don’t stand a chance. While the Millennials may pay big bucks for high-visibility brand names, they are still willing to buy private label brands when they don’t want to break the bank. Also, they are more likely to post their product impressions on social media either positively or negatively, depending upon their experience.

When it comes to appealing to this younger generation, the BioCore® product line has what it takes, offering an assortment of supplements that appeal to Millennials. With drink mixes, chewable tablets, microencapsulated probiotics and more, the BioCore® product line offers many forms with a delicious variety of flavors such as orange creamsicle, strawberry and espresso rush. This brand is even social-media friendly, making it a prime contender in the minds of the Millennials.

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