NEC Background
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National Enzyme Company

National Enzyme Company® (NEC) is the most experienced manufacturer specializing in enzyme-based dietary supplements. Utilizing state of the art technology in production equipment and adhering to strict FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices. NEC is capable of handling all client needs, including product development, blending, encapsulating, tableting, convenience packaging, full-service bottling, in house graphics/labeling and fulfillment.

For over 80 years, National Enzyme Company has awakened the nutritional industry to the benefits of enzymes as dietary supplements. As the oldest enzyme company in North America, NEC’s digestive and systemic products are the most trusted and proven in the market, resulting in quality products with a high rate of repeat sales. Unsurpassed by any other, NEC creates innovative enzyme products, manufactures with the highest quality ingredients, offers advanced technical support and personalized customer service found nowhere else in the industry.


National Enzyme Company is dedicated to providing the most innovative dietary enzyme supplements to our customers resulting in high quality products. NEC’s mission is the same as when Dr. Howell created this mission in 1932: “Establishing supplemental enzymes as essential to a healthy life”. – Dr. Edward Howell.


To empower health, wellness and vitality worldwide.

Our Commitment to Quality & Safety

For over 80 years, good manufacturing practices (GMP’s) and customer satisfaction have been top priorities at National Enzyme Company. We work closely with our suppliers, vendors, distribution network and government agencies to maximize the quality, safety and integrity of our products. NEC’s attention to detail and uncompromising quality and safety standards have enabled us to become the global leader in enzyme dietary supplements.