NEC Background
Deerland and NEC


“Enzymes are substances that make life possible, the key to unlocking good health and vitality. Without enzymes our bodies would not be able to harvest the nutrients from the foods we eat. They are the manual workers that build the body from proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.” –Dr. Edward Howell

Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of enzymes, but these enzymes are destroyed when the food is processed, canned or cooked. The modern diet consists of predominantly enzyme-deficient, cooked foods. Supplementation with enzymes replaces those lost in cooking and enhances the enzymes found in raw foods. Naturally-occurring food enzymes and supplemental enzymes begin the process of digestion earlier in the digestive tract.

In the absence of supplemental enzymes, the bulk of digestion occurs in the small intestine. The chance of undigested food entering the colon is increased. Incomplete digestion of food gives colon bacteria the opportunity to feed, producing gas and toxins that can leave people feeling uncomfortable and even sick.