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Paul Nemiroff, MD, PhD

Paul Nemiroff, MD, PhD Industry Expert

Dr. Paul Nemiroff is a Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon who received his MD from UCLA Medical Center. He completed his surgical residencies at UCLA/Cedars Sinai and University of Florida, and holds a PhD from Purdue University in Behavior Sciences/Psychology and has practiced as a psychologist. He has published and presented hundreds of articles, research papers and book chapters on surgical techniques, the psychology of decision-making and alternative and complimentary medical therapies. He has performed over 10,000 surgeries. He also scored the highest in the country on his head and neck surgery exams (99th percentile).

Dr. Nemiroff was invited to the White House where he was considered for Surgeon General of The United States. He’s an award winning TV medical journalist and was former Chief Medical Correspondent for CBS TV Los Angeles.

In addition to an Associated Press award, he is the recipient of the prestigious Surgeon General C. Everett Koop Media Award for his outstanding work on heart disease. Dr. Nemiroff has also received over a dozen national awards including a humanitarian of the year award for operating on refugees, as well as an award from the American Cancer Society. The Consumer’s Research Council of America voted him as one of America’s Top Surgeons several years in a row.

Dr. Nemiroff is National Enzyme Company’s consultant emeritus.

He is on a mission to educate both traditional MDs (allopathic doctors) as well as other health care professionals on the benefits of supplemental enzymes. Because many physicians who are trained in “traditional” medical schools do not have a lot of exposure to alternative, complementary medicine, or supplements, he’s especially interested in “getting the word out” about the real and potential benefits of enzymes to these doctors in particular. Research has shown that supplemental enzymes can assist the body’s own natural mechanisms in healing of damaged tissues, can assist in supporting healthy digestion and have even been shown to potentially reduce various measures of inflammation. It has long been thought that inflammation may be one of the root causes of a variety of ailments.