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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many tablets or capsules can fit in each convenience pack?

    A 3” x 3” convenience pack can hold up to 8 different pills.

  • Is NEC willing to convenience pack products they don’t produce? If so, what is the lead time for this?

    Yes, only if the specs and C of A are provided for the product. The lead time is 4 weeks from the time the last component is received. Lead times may vary based on product availability.

  • What carton packages are available for convenience packs?

    NEC offers jars and cartons for convenience packaging.

  • What colors of convenience packs are offered?

    NEC offers a clear front and clear back or clear front with an opaque back.

  • What is the minimum run on convenience packs?

    For provided material or Professional Line products, the minimum run is 1,440 packs. For custom orders that include convenience packaging, a minimum of 10% of the run must be convenience packaged.

  • What is the production lead time if NEC produces the products for my Convenience Packs?

    7 weeks. Lead times may vary based on product availability.

  • What size convenience pack does NEC offer?

    NEC offers a standard size: 3” x 3”.

  • Are there costs involved with graphics for labeling?

    If NEC is taking over customer files there is no graphics charge. If this is a new label that is not one of our templates or customer supplied label than graphic fees would incur.

  • How do I know my labels are within regulation?

    NEC has an entire regulatory department that is dedicated to ensuring your labels are FDA compliant.

  • Is there a limit on colors for labels?

    No restriction on color.

  • Types of Labels

    Gloss, Non-Gloss, Metallic, Die cut, Clear, UV Coated. Custom label options are available. Additional fees are associated with custom labels.

  • What are the advantages of having NEC produce my labels?

    One place for product and labels (takes the headache out of labels). Labels are FDA compliant. Graphics team on staff to assist you with design.

  • What is the lead time for labels?

    6 weeks. Labels In House will cause no delays.

  • Can you bottle and label my tablet?

    Yes, NEC can bottle and label your custom tablet. We can even print your custom label in house, saving you the hassle of having to work with a third party to get your product to you and saving you the expense of meeting the high label count minimums associated with outsourced printing.

  • Can you do a custom tablet shape?

    We can do a custom tablet, but the tooling will need to be purchased by the customer up front to create a custom shape.

  • Can you improve the flavor of my unpleasant tasting tablet?

    NEC has taken several products already on the market and improved the flavor. While we can’t promise that we can always improve a tablet’s taste, we do have the expertise in house to look at your ingredients and recommend a formulation that will minimize and mask the sources of the off flavors.

  • Can you provide a sample of the tablet formula to see and taste?

    For a nominal fee, NEC can provide you with a sample of your tablet to try.

  • Do you offer coated tablets?

    NEC offers tablets with a pharmaceutical glaze, but not an enteric coating. We offer the glaze coating to mask tablet taste and texture because the glaze dissolves in the stomach without interfering with the ingredient activities.

  • Do you offer flavored chewable tablets?

    NEC can formulate your product in a highly palatable chewable tablet form. We offer a variety of great flavors such as our very popular mixed berry, wintergreen, peppermint, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, and lemonade. NEC also has in house expertise in flavoring tablets for cats, dogs, and horses.

  • What are typical lead times on tablets?

    Typically, six weeks from when an order is placed. Lead times may vary based on product availability.

  • What is the minimum quantity on a custom tablet?

    There is a 100,000 tablet minimum for custom tablets.