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We are dedicated to providing innovative enzyme supplement solutions to our customers through product formulation, marketing and training.

Cognitive & Sleep>

Cognitive & Sleep

Healthy brain function and restful night’s sleep are key essentials to healthy cognitive and energy levels.
Digestive Health>

Digestive Health

Protecting the health of the digestive system is integral to supporting the health of the entire body. Unfortunately, ...


The ability of our body to fight off infection and effectively self-heal tissue damage depends upon a well-functioning ...
Joints, Bone, Muscles & Skin>

Joints, Bone, Muscles & Skin

Many people, regardless of their age, have joint, muscle, bone discomfort or stiffness throughout their life. NEC ...


Many of us are pulled in multiple directions and our children are no exception. Teenagers, in particular, must balance ...
Men's & Women's Health>

Men's & Women's Health

NEC has specially formulated products to support the vitality of men and women.
Metabolic & Cardio>

Metabolic & Cardio

More and more people are becoming more conscious of their heart health, aging, skin health and glucose support. These ...


NEC offers a variety of finished products and blends designed to assist in replenishing nutrients and supporting ...
Weight Management>

Weight Management

Obesity is a is a growing concern for many people. Many seeking to manage their weight want to have access to low-cost, ...


BioCore® provides targeted solutions to a variety of digestive problems. From digestive discomforts to different ...
Foundation Blends>

Foundation Blends

Looking for something to set your product apart from the competition? These proprietary blends are designed to address ...