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BioCore® provides targeted solutions to a variety of digestive problems. From digestive discomforts to different dietary regimens, along with basic digestive support to the delivery of specific nutrients; BioCore® products and blends offer some of the most innovative enzyme blends on the market.

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Blend Products

BioCore® AR>

BioCore® AR

A pleasant tasting chewable tablet that combines the digestive power of enzymes with acid-neutralizing calcium ...
BioCore Lipo®>

BioCore Lipo®

A unique blend of lipases designed to break down dietary fats and support the enhanced availability of essential fatty ...
BioCore DPP-IV®>

BioCore DPP-IV®

A proprietary blend with standardized DPP-IV activity to help break down digestion resistant proteins. BioCore DPP-IV® ...
BioCore Dairy Ultra®>

BioCore Dairy Ultra®

Dairy intolerance isn’t always just lactose intolerance. It may result from digestive problems with proteins and fats ...
BioCore Dairy®>

BioCore Dairy®

Dairy intolerance may result from hard-to-digest proteins or undigested lactose. This blend provides enzymes to break ...
BioCore Pro®>

BioCore Pro®

Designed with a broad variety of proteolytic enzymes and formulated to support digestion of high protein diets. ...
BioCore® Edge>

BioCore® Edge

Designed with selected proteases to optimize the delivery of amino acids from protein. In vitro studies suggest ...
BioCore® Fruggie FVE>

BioCore® Fruggie FVE

BioCore® Fruggie FVE is a soy- and gluten-free nutrient premix blend formulated with superfruits, vegetables, greens, ...
BioCore® Optimum>

BioCore® Optimum

A broad spectrum general digestive blend designed to jump start digestion in the upper stomach. BioCore® Optimum works ...
BioCore® Optimum Complete>

BioCore® Optimum Complete

Combines galactosidase enzymes (lactase and alpha-galactosidase) with the foundational benefits of BioCore® Optimum to ...

Finished Products

BioCore AminoTap®>

BioCore AminoTap®

BioCore AminoTap® is a unique combination of ingredients with specifically selected proteolytic enzymes for the ...
BioCore AminoMate™>

BioCore AminoMate™

Developed exclusively for Australia, BioCore AminoMate™ is a unique combination of ingredients with specifically ...
BioCore® Fruggie>

BioCore® Fruggie

BioCore® Fruggie is a superfruit and greens drink powder with a natural mixed-berry taste packed with more than 1/3 of ...
BioCore® Fruggie with Protein>

BioCore® Fruggie with Protein

BioCore® Fruggie with Protein is a delicious way to add superfruits and greens to your diet with the added benefit of ...
BioCore® Kids>

BioCore® Kids

Berry-flavored chewable enzyme supplement designed to help ensure that children get the most nutritional benefit from ...
BioCore® Tolerance>

BioCore® Tolerance

BioCore® Tolerance is dually formulated with Tolerase® G and xylanase to promote optimal gluten and wheat digestion. ...