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BioCore® AR

A pleasant tasting chewable tablet that combines the digestive power of enzymes with acid-neutralizing calcium carbonate. This patented product provides broad spectrum digestive support especially for those who suffer from occasional digestive discomfort.

  • 60 million adults suffer at least once a month from occasional heartburn*
  • Calcium carbonate helps neutralize acid for instant relief*
  • Proteases balance pH-related loss of pepsin activity*
  • Active throughout the pH range of the entire digestive system*
  • Full spectrum formula supports digestion of proteins, fats and starch*
  • Great tasting chewable tablet

Though digestion actually starts in the mouth with the salivary amylase ptyalin, most people instantly think of the stomach. The stomach produces acid to lower the gastric pH which activates the proteolytic enzyme pepsin. While pepsin’s ability to digest proteins requires a highly acidic pH, this acid can cause the gastric distress associated with heartburn, acid reflux and other gastric complaints. Most people have suffered through the occasional case of heartburn which can be associated with fatty food, stress, smoking or physiological impairments.

Antacids have historically been the treatment of choice for these moments because they offer instant relief. These products work by neutralizing the acid and raising the pH level in the stomach. Unfortunately, this action effectively stops protein digestion by pepsin. Pepsin is a crucial enzyme in protein digestion as its ability to cleave many different amino acid bonds is vital to the complete digestion of proteins. It is responsible for breaking large proteins into smaller proteins of 3 to 30 amino acids, which are then further broken down by the pancreatic proteases in the small intestine. Undigested proteins can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even potentially serious consequences when acted upon by intestinal microflora.

Unlike traditional over-the-counter antacids, BioCore AR compensates for the lost digestive enzyme activity associated with the use of acid neutralizers. It provides a comprehensive blend of proteases, lipases and carbohydrases that work over a broad pH range.

BioCore AR is a great tasting chewable tablet that provides the benefits of instant relief with continued digestive action.

For more information about BioCore AR, please refer to the Supplement Facts box.

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BioCore® AR

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