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ProCerelase® Is Designed to Improve Nutrient Availability from Vegetables and Other Plant Foods

  • Disrupts plant cell walls to release trapped nutrients*
  • Breaks down phytic acid which can prevent absorption (limit the bioavailability) of iron, zinc and other important minerals*
  • Supports optimal nutrition from fruits and vegetables*
  • Beneficial for vegetarians and others who consume diets high in fruits & vegetables*

ProCerelase® combines the fiber-disrupting power of four enzymes to help ensure the availability of minerals and other nutrients from plant-based foods. This blend is formulated to disrupt the cellulose framework of plant tissues as well as combat the anti-nutritive effects of non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs). Hemicelluloses, beta-glucans and phytic acid can all act as anti-nutritive factors. These constituents of plants can bind minerals and other nutrients, effectively blocking their absorption in the body. ProCerelase® combines the enzymes necessary to disrupt the structure of these NSPs by releasing bound nutrients and increasing their availability for absorption.

Phytic acid is one of these anti-nutritive factors. Phytic acid binds to minerals and blocks their absorption. The bioavailability of minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and phosphorus is significantly reduced in the presence of phytic acid. This anti-nutritive factor is commonly found in grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and other vegetables. Unfortunately, the human body does not produce phytase and cannot reap the nutritional benefits of phytic acid-bound minerals. Both animal and human trials indicate that supplementation of phytase can release these nutrients and increase the impact of plant-based foods. ProCerelase® provides phytase to break down phytic acid and release bound minerals.

Hemicelluloses and beta-glucans can also affect our nutritional status. These NSPs can bind vitamins, minerals and even the body’s digestive enzymes thus limiting (altering) the nutritional value of the food we eat. ProCerelase®  provides hemicellulase and beta-glucanase to help degrade these NSPs and supports the release of trapped nutrients. Laboratory studies indicate that these enzymes support improved digestibility and nutrient profiles of grains, fruits and vegetables.

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables provides many nutrients and potential health benefits. ProCerelase®  helps ensure you get the most nutritional benefits possible.

For more information about ProCerelase®,please refer to the Supplement Facts box.

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