NEC Background
Deerland and NEC


We are dedicated to providing innovative enzyme supplement solutions to our customers through product formulation, marketing and training. Our commitment to you is delivering high-quality products and customer service found nowhere else in the industry.

As the leaders in enzyme technology, NEC capabilities include:

Product Development & Custom Formulations

Work with our highly-trained innovation and product development team to build an enzyme supplement specific to your specifications.

Not sure what to formulate? No problem. NEC offers a variety of blends to help you get started. Whether it’s a digestive, a probiotic or even a sports endurance product, our Research and Development team will work with you one on one to develop a proprietary formulation designed specifically for your needs!


NEC has over 80 years of experience in developing and producing effective enzyme ingredients. From Dr. Howell’s original Genuine N-Zimes™ #1 to the most advanced BioCore® Optimum Complete blend, we can blend products and ingredients that compliment your company’s needs. NEC produces blends designed for tableting and encapsulation.


Although NEC specializes in enzyme-based dietary supplements, NEC also supplies many other ingredients that may be used to custom blend formulas or purchased as stand-alone ingredients.  Encapsulation options include: Veggie Caps, DRcaps™, NP caps and hard gelatin caps.


NEC can custom formulate your product in a highly palatable chewable or non-chewable tablet. We offer a variety of great flavors such as our popular mixed berry! Additional flavors include: strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, lemonade and chocolate mint. We even offer tablet flavor rescue! NEC has taken several tablets in the market and has improved their flavor! With NEC’s tableting capabilities, you can rest assured that you’ll have a consistent tablet every time. Download Tableting FAQ's here.

Tablet Coating

Tablets manufactured at NEC can now be distinctly colored and branded. With an array of different coating options including color, enteric and masking, it is easier to convey dosing instructions when the supplement regimen involves multiple supplements. Also with the end-users in mind, a coating can improve the ease in swallowing tablets as well as mask tastes and odors. Download Tableting Coating FAQ's here.

Quick Melt Technology

Since many consumers, such as the elderly or children, can face difficulties swallowing tablets or capsules, the benefits of orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) can add up quickly. Quick Melt Technology can provide accurate dosing, ease of swallowing, enhanced bioavailability, rapid onset of action and improved palatability. Download Quick Melt Technology FAQ's here.

Stick Packs

With an increasing number of consumers looking for quick and convenient ways to supplement their diets, stick packs are surging in popularity. NEC provides opportunities for its customers to capitalize on this trend while taking their business from concept to finished product all under one roof. Contact us today to find out what stick pack options are right for your business. Download Stick Pack FAQ's here.

Convenience Packaging

Getting nutrition shouldn't be an inconvenience. NEC convenience packaging allows you to offer a grab-and-go option for your “on the go” customers in one convenient package. Combine your custom formulations with other vitamins and supplements in a single serving pack. Download Convenience Packaging FAQ's here.

In House Graphics & Labeling

NEC’s experienced graphics team is dedicated to providing custom designed labels and merchandising materials that stand out in the market. Eliminate the headache of outsource printing. Allow your manufacturer to handle all of your graphics needs. All labels go through an extended review process by our regulatory team, keeping you in check with FDA guidelines all before you even see a first proof! Allow NEC to take over your label management and start saving today!